Covid Quarantine

How Long Should I Quarantine for COVID 19?

Sybil Lew
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There is a lot of information that is changing what feels like daily about quarantine for COVID 19, so let us see if we can help answer some questions.

  1. I am positive for COVID 19 how long should I quarantine?

While the CDC recommends 14 days, you may reduce your quarantine to 10 days if your symptoms are getting better and you no longer have to take medication for fever for 2 days prior to day 10.

  1. If I have been positive do I need to have another test?

No, you can be positive for up to 3 months, you are NOT contagious to others after the initial 14 days of being positive.

****Some employers are requesting a negative COVID to return to work, ask your employer*****

  1. I have been around someone who is now sick and positive for COVID 19

While the CDC recommends quarantine for 14 days, you may reduce your quarantine if at 7 or 10 days you have not developed any symptoms of being ill and you have a negative test after day 5 of quarantine. You do not need a test if you quarantine for 10 days and you do not have any symptoms. You still need to take precautions and watch for symptoms for the full 14 days.

  1. What if I have been positive for COVID 19 in past 90 days and now I have been exposed again to someone who is positive?

The CDC states you do not have to quarantine or test. You are good! If you develop symptoms after 90 days then you need to be retested and quarantine for the recommended 10-14 days.